Has your family outgrown your current home?  Would you like an updated look?  Would you like to entertain with more living space?

Whatever your wants and needs may be, RGS Builders will help you achieve your goal.  Remodeling can be somewhat disruptive, and stressful.  We believe that the renovation of your home should be a rewarding experience as you see your dreams come true.

Below is a list of renovating mistakes sometimes made by home owners.  RGS Builders is here to ensure your renovation turns out just as you intended without costing you more than expected.

  • Inaccurate Measurements
  • Skipping the Prep Work
  • Buying Cheap Material
  • Gutting Everything
  • Excessive Use Of Duct Tape
  • Using the Wrong Tools
  • Building a Small Bathroom
  • Ignoring Lighting
  • Going Too Trendy
  • Building Small Doorways
  • Not Using Green Materials
  • Using Wrong Paint Types
  • Building Narrow Stairways and Hallways
  • Choosing the Wrong Windows
  • Forgetting About Safety
  • Not Doing Your Homework
  • Forgetting to Update Electrical System
  • Avoiding Permits

    All these mistakes and other headaches will be avoided when you choose to let RGS Builders handle your renovation needs.